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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Zara Shopping Basket - Spring 2012

So recently I came down off my snobbery tower and ventured into Zara. I can't fit into their clothing but have to admit that their accessory line usually churns out some bangers. Their plaited shopper became 'the' bag of winter with everyone and their mother buying the large bag, sales tripled when the fashion pack adopted it.

I was initially not impressed when I saw the Spring '12 version but quickly became a fan when I need a sizable bag to take with the girles for Burlesque last week. The bag is huge and I love it. It has a weired inner liner that I use to give the contents a bit of privacy and deter thieves. I think the colour is great for Spring / Summer and I skipped to the till once I realised that the bag was half the price of the plaited bag.

It comes in black too...

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  1. Its such a great practical bag, think im going to get this soon! :)


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