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Friday, 23 March 2012

NYX Lip Liners

NYX is an American brand that I have fallen in love with as the quality of the products cannot be denied, nor their affordability. Regular watchers of You Tube will no doubt have heard about this brand and lusted after the products on screen. For those of us in the UK, NYX has tried to make some in-roads to establishing a much needed presence by setting up an on-line store. For those of us who like to have a product in their hand before committing to buy, I have been fortunate enough to come across these products in a few TK Maxx Stores and know that River Island has the glitter shadows in flagship stores. 

NYX Lip Liners

I find that I am afforded more 'bang for my pound' by ordering online and so recently I placed an order with an eBay seller for six NYX Lip Liners. This seller has been supplied me with the main bulk of my NYX supplies and delivered within the week from the US, woo hoo *fist pump in the air*. 

NYX Lip Liners

Now I should say that around a year ago I ordered through Cherry Culture three long Lip Liners and was left very happy with the quality of product; the staying power, creamy texture and longevity of the liners had definitely left an impression. The Liners are very pigmented and so are great for someone like me (two-tone lips) to use as a base for any lip colour I intend to use. So I decided to conduct a bit of research and choose some colours I thought I might like. I have swatched the shades I purchased as I know that I searched extensively for images to try to get a sense of the liner's colour.

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  1. Really been wanting to try these out buy I havent been bothered to go for it.
    And its so hard to get your hands on them over here!

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