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Monday, 13 February 2012

Sleek's Contour Kit in Dark

Sleek Contour Kit

Sleek Contour Kit Dark

Hey there

I have had his little gem in my kit for a while and I have to say I'm might glad I bought it 'cause it rocks! The darker shade is excellent for my jawline and temples whilst the highlight is quite simply 'toots amaze'.

Sleek Contour Kit Dark Swatched
Purchased from Superdrug, I initially took a while to get used to the idea of contour as you see, despite having a chubby face my cheek bones are second to only to www.nunaavane.com , they are hiding at the moment due to recent weight gain but trust me they are there and I love 'em. So it was only after studying the enclosed leaflet and scanning the YT before I thought, 'right I'm gonna do this' and quickly became a contour convert.  For those of you that care I adopt a technique makeup artist Mally uses with a fan brush and my gosh it does wonders for me.
I never fail to get a luminated look from this product. The highlight is an exceptional gold colour that doesn't leave me feeling like I've been attacked by glitter like some alleged highlighters. As I place near the end of Sleek's (new) foundation spectrum I was completely satisfied by the product. The negative reviews I have seen thus far tend to be where the reviewer has not chosen correctly, so I would say take the time to try and match yourself to the product.

Sleek's Contour Kit in Dark - I salute you!
Please note I have used an extremely heavy hand to swatch this product in order for the camera to pick it up.

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  1. I wanted to get the contour kit but i wasn't to sure if I should of. but it looks really good..



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