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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MAC's Lady Danger

You see, I have a confession.....I'm a little occ when it comes to make-up.
On Friday I visited the MAC store in Westfield (White City) and over heard four women talking about 'Lady Danger'. Lady Danger, Lady Danger, Lady Danger la la la is all I heard. Being the keen shopper that I am (read nosey) I had a quick look when they eventually left the stand and hunted down this tube and upon first swatch I was a bit confused as it was a bit, well bright. Whilst I'm no shrinking violet I kinda don't want to be arrested by Joan Rivers et al for crimes against red lips so I left the store. Ever since then I have been on a quest to find this shade and try and work it so that it's suitable for my NW50 skin.

Now I find myself throwing out a plea to the beauty blogger worlds, 'what say you all on this shade?'

 Have you any ideas on how I can rock this shade????

 ANY help on this matter is appreciated as I can see me heading to a pro store and picking it up -soon.

Please do not suggest Ruby Woo as I can't stand her and am not sold on Russian Red. To complicate matters further I have two-tone lips and so need a liner that I can use to colour my lips in as I'm not really a fan of using foundation on my lips.

Help me...........
Image taken from makeupandbeauty.com/mac-lady-danger-lipstick-review/ check it out!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lola's Cupcake - Topshop Oxford Street

Lola's Cupcake - Warning contains yummy cupcakes
Yesterday I attend a Burlesque class in overly trendy Shoreditch with friends and had a great time, heading to the West End for shopping after. Whilst in Oxford St we popped into Topshop where I was happy to be (re)introduced to Lola's Cupcakes. Now I had the privilege of tasting their product briefly at a birthday party (my slice of birthday cake was swiped when I was called to take photo's *sad face*) and so I was excited to have an opportunity to have my very own cupcake.

Lola's Cupcake stand Topshop Oxford St
I bought both a Lemon and Vanilla cupcake and was pleased with both. The texture was nice and moist without the nasty aftertaste some 'luxuary' cupcakes brands can leave. I was not impressed with the price (£2.50 each) but as it was in Topshop I am happy to attribute some of the profit going towards paying for space in the store. 

On the whole I would probably treat myself  and hubby again, I think that their presentation is nice and fun and I'm gad that they have stayed away from falling into the faux-retro vibe a LOT of bakers taken.

Check out them out - I have left their link here: http://lolas-kitchen.co.uk/lolas_cupcakes.html

Are you a cupcake eating kinda gal / guy?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sleek Blush By 3 Pumpkin

Sleek Blush By 3 Pumpkin 363
Sleek Blush By 3 (Back of case)

Sleek, C'est Chic
(Five points to anyone who gets this reference!)
Sleek Blush By 3 Pumpkin

Ok this week Sleek's Blush by 3 landed in store. Now I had an idea something was up as I was rummaging around the secret draws of my local superdrug on the Sunday and saw said items boxed up. (In my defence I waited for staff but they weren't around, security said I could have a look as long as I didn't steal anything - what a nice young man!).

So during some down time I went in and came across their latest offering, Blush by 3.

I quickly chose Pumpkin; I love me some orange blush on my skin but as I passed on Aruba last year, living to regret it ever since, Lantern stood out to me as being a possible substitute. This morning I finally go around to swatching it and thought I'd put it up for you all to see.

Each palette contains two different shades and textures: two matt and one shimmer. In keeping with Sleek's MO, all are highly pigmented and thus women of colour friendly. You will need to pay around with them and I recommend a light hand with them all at first.  Please note that I have swatched them heavily in order for it to show on the camera so if it looks powdery then please forgive me.
Sleek Blush By 3 Pumpkin Swatches

The colours:

P Pie = Shimmer coral with red  / gold undertones
Squash = Matt pink - with blue undertones - nice baby pink
Lantern = Matt Orange - this palette gets its name from the pumpkin colour of this shade. I love it, I have Pan Tao and find it blah, this shade ignites my fire and I am looking forward to rocking it in spring.

Check out http://thatgurlwho.co.uk/2012/02/sleek-blush-by-3-in-pumpkin-pie-swatches-and-comparisons/ post, as she has made some smart comparisons between this and the existing (permanent) ranges.

These blushes are limited edition and only sold at Superdrug. For my lighter skinned ladies I would suggest you run out and grab LACE as it is selling out fast and looks beautiful on your skin.

I have already decided to go back and get Flame so will post swatches in the week.

What do you think, another winner by Sleek?

MUA Professional 3 in1 Extreme Contour Liner

MUA 3 in 1 Angled Contour Liner 

 I know, I know another MUA post but I can't help it. You see, over the last 20 plus years of my existence I have come to realise that in life expensive doesn't always = good.

MUA Angled Liner Box (back)
So, MUA has a professional line and they recently launched a new addition - 3 in1 Extreme Contour Liners. The 3 refers to the number of looks they feel you can create with the liners; the fact that the liner has an angled edge is a plus, they can be used as a shadow, base for eye colour and to line.
I am featuring two of the liners as I like these colours best and have used them the most. The pigmentation is fair and I like the fact that I can smudge them out on my lid for an extra dramatic effect.

Fresh Mint (Shade 3) = Shinny Teal colour. I usually use this in my waterline and to 'pop'  my purple shadows. Will definitely be used more in summer!

Smoked Plum (Shade 6)= Deep Plum colour. As I have to be very conservative a work (I usually go in sans makeup) I have been trying to sneak in a bit of glamour to my face and wear to line my eyes with my MaxFactor volume and length mascara. At a meeting two weeks ago I caught a client looking at what I'd done, she came up to me after to check out the major 'eye porn' (I love this phrase) I'd been giving and we happily spent the next 10 minutes nattering about makeup, so it gets a thumbs up from me.

Let me know what you think, I'm always on the look out for a good liner so drop me a line.

MUA Angled Liner
MUA Swatches

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sleek's Contour Kit in Dark

Sleek Contour Kit

Sleek Contour Kit Dark

Hey there

I have had his little gem in my kit for a while and I have to say I'm might glad I bought it 'cause it rocks! The darker shade is excellent for my jawline and temples whilst the highlight is quite simply 'toots amaze'.

Sleek Contour Kit Dark Swatched
Purchased from Superdrug, I initially took a while to get used to the idea of contour as you see, despite having a chubby face my cheek bones are second to only to www.nunaavane.com , they are hiding at the moment due to recent weight gain but trust me they are there and I love 'em. So it was only after studying the enclosed leaflet and scanning the YT before I thought, 'right I'm gonna do this' and quickly became a contour convert.  For those of you that care I adopt a technique makeup artist Mally uses with a fan brush and my gosh it does wonders for me.
I never fail to get a luminated look from this product. The highlight is an exceptional gold colour that doesn't leave me feeling like I've been attacked by glitter like some alleged highlighters. As I place near the end of Sleek's (new) foundation spectrum I was completely satisfied by the product. The negative reviews I have seen thus far tend to be where the reviewer has not chosen correctly, so I would say take the time to try and match yourself to the product.

Sleek's Contour Kit in Dark - I salute you!
Please note I have used an extremely heavy hand to swatch this product in order for the camera to pick it up.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

H&M C'est Chic Eye Shadows

Whilst shopping in H&M I tend to look through their beauty dept as they have an excellent nail colour selection, a few months ago I was fortunate enough to stumble across this lovely eye shadow set called "C'est Chic" and loved the colours it contained. The slate colour really drew me in as I have been looking for a replacement for a liner I had lost from Bare Esentuals; the rest kinda fell into line.

The colours:
1. Is a light brown which I use all over my lid when doing a brown smokey eye.
2. Pearlised light pink colour - used for highlighting under brow or inner corners, not my fave as
    kinda talcy on me :(
3. An excellent red / burgundy colour that I use my lids when I want to look bangin.
4. Slate grey-blue colour that I absolutely adore. Use as an allover when going out raving with
    additional  support from Sleek's Bad Gal palette or as a liner on both the top an bottom of my eyes.
   This allows my dark eyes to pop and creates even more drama - love it!

I'm sure it's still available in stores and I know the next time I'm in H&M  I will pick up another.

I have provided a swatch on the back of my hand for you to get an idea. Let me know what surprises you've come across in a high street store beauty wise.

Love and Peace
H&M Eyeshadows

MUA Eye Shadows 11 & 19

Continuing in my MUA tribute I wanted to provide a quick mention to their eye shadows. As a darker skinned (NW50) lady it can be extremely hard for me to find a shade that I can use to blend out my colours or act as a transitional colour for me as I naturally have panda eyes.

MUA = MakeUp Academy, Superdrg's own brand make up line.

MUA Shade 19 - Matt a dark brown powder is my go-to shade for blending out colours or acting as a transitional colour.

MUA Shade 11 - Pear is a shimmery light Brown colour used to brighten the inner corners of my eyes or act as a highlight under a freshly threaded brow.

Again I find a big amount of the appeal of these shadows is their price. At £1 there aren't many complaints. I tend to always use a primer with my face due to sensitivity and find that my Urban Decay primer or my favourite Bare Escentual's Brightening face primer makes it hard for me to comment on their longevity; I certainly don't notice any fading as they are extremely pigmented.

As you can see from the swatch Shade 19 is an almost mach for my skin but appears almost like a slate on the camera (sorry) and Shade 11 shows up in all of its shimmery glory.

Love & Peace


MUA Lipstick Shade no 2

In 2010 Superdrug introduced their MUA range with little fanfare; regular shoppers noticed a small little plinth appear randomly in stores with a sign saying everything was £1. Those curious among us started to play with the products on display thinking that the lipsticks, eyeliners, powders and blushes were from a company that had gone bust and Superdrug had picked up the stock dirt cheap and was trying to get rid of it. I recall my surprise to come back and find that not only had this mystery brand grown in display size, but new lines had been added and the brand was owned by Superdrug. Gradually new items started to cost more £2 for lipglosses on par with NYX's Mega Shine; a Professional line appeared containing of all thins Primer, mascara and the now infamous palette that are getting a lot of air time on YouTube.

So today I wanted to take a step back and pay a homarge of sorts to the first item I ever purchased from the MUA line, thier Lipstick in Shade 2. Oh how I loved thee. I wore this practically every time I wore make in the Summer of 2010. I was stopped so many times by women (and one guy) of all ethnicites to ask what I was wearing, and had to guard my hangbag agnaist my friends wandering hands as it was out of stock when they tried to purchase it too.

  • The price - come on, £1.
  • Very pigmented and thus Women of Colour frendly!
  • Excellent on-trend colour range, 12 in total.
  • Moisturising - my lips are very dry so I'm always struggling, never had a problem with this product.
  • Avialibaliy- this range is carried in all of the Superdrug's I frequent in London; they can also be purchased on line at http://www.superdrug.com/
Not so thrilling
  • They can migrate so I tend to use my MAC Prep + Prime  for lips and a good lipliner to tame this bad boy and keep in place.
  • Due to the high pigmentation some colours may stain your lips.
  • Display stand tends to get neglected by staff so be prepared to missing tubes - please sort this out Superdrug on all of your displays!
Love & Peace


Sleek's Berry Collection

Hi there!
In the run up to Christmas The Berry Collection was launched by Sleek here in the UK. My initial reaction was 'blah' but fortunately a late running friend, coupled with my inability to simply wait and do 'nothing', saw me venture into Superdrug's makeup aisle where I promptly swatched and bought this excellent bit of kit.

Now I'm no fool, three items for £9.99 they had my attention at the price, but really it was the quality of the blush that sold me. The lipstick reminded me of a matte but credible version of NYX's Black Cherry which I love with a vampire sucking passion but when I swatched the blush I was like ahhhh; it's adorable - a soft plum and pink mash-up. The kohl ain't worth toffee for darker skin ladies on the eyes, so don't waste your time. It makes me look ill. Like all thrifty makeup fiends I quickly thought lip liner! You don't really see that many reviews for their lip liners but I really recommend you seek the out the retractable liners as they are quite good; I have paid between £1.39 - £1.69 for them from various black hair shop as Superdrug is way overpriced - check out Paks online or search through the hair shop's makeup sections for a similar bargain.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase; I am a Sleek fan and am pleased to have a UK brand going from strength to strength. As a lot of other bloggers have shown the collection is suitable for all, no matter where you place on the spectrum of the skin wheel, I would urge creative with the Kohl and advise a light hand with the blush - no one likes coco the clown cheeks!

See ya!