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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blush Baby - NYX Blushes

Before La Femme I was a big fan of NYX's blushes. NYX was the first US brand that I formed an obsession over; I used to watch countless YouTube videos and stalk out reviews before finally placing an order via ebay.

When my order arrived, some six day later, I could hardly contain myself; skipping all the way to the Sorting Office with my red card out, ready to claim my prize. 

Again I used ColouredBeautiful/ AfricanExport for help in selecting colours and their recommendations were spot on! Thank you ladies xxx
 The Colours:

Coca: Red brown colour is my go-to blush.

Desert Rose: Lovely deep pink blush, looks super on deeper woc.

Cinnamon: Nice yellow / orange colour, I have to confess that I don't reach for this blush as much as I do another similar colour I have in a NYX kit I randomly stumbled across in my Local TK Maxx. That said, it is a good colour for woc to have and but I tend to have to build it up. Glad I purchased it though.
Copper, Coca, Pinched, Desert Rose, Cinnamon
NYX Blushes

Copper: When I first tried this blush I was like, it is a golden shimmery mess but now I find myself making peace with it and using the golden colour to highlight the tops of my cheeks and eyebrows.

Pinched:  Similar thoughts to Copper, shimmery mess, but has come in useful as an alternative peach / pink colour highlight.

These blushes last for a good eight hours on my cheeks and the colour pay-off is very good. I am glad I made the purchase and am hoping to try the cream blushes soon.

If you have any suggestions for other colours in the powder or cream blush, drop me a line below.


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  1. Desert Rose is my favorite!!! I just ordered copper and I'm excited! Great post


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