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Friday, 18 May 2012

Organic Root Stimulator: Hair Repair Nourishing Conditioner

Recently I mentioned that I have embarked upon a Healthy Hair Journey in order to learn more about how to take care of my permed hair. In the process of doing so I had gone out and purchased a number of products to assit me with my task, mainly natural oils and changed shampoo. Despite these purchases, I hadn't noticed a change in the general dryness of my hair, it was beginning to crunch when I handled it - argh!

During one of my many trips to my local hair supply shop, my eyes had lingered on the new line HaiRepair [sic] line from Organic Root Stimulator (ORS).  Recalling the information I had read regarding the need to gain a balance between protein / moisture, the Nourishing Conditioner struck a chord as possible solution to getting moisture back in my hair and I popped a sachet into my basket.  That evening I followed my recent routine of pre-pooing my hair with olive oil, washed with my sulfate free shampoo and decided to add the Nourishing Conditioner in to deep condition (DC) my hair, including olive oil and hemp oil on top (as I had done the previous week). I then left this on for 30 minutes. Although I'm not a fan of bananas I did love the smell and was really happy with the results of the conditioner. My hair was far easier than the previous week to detangle and the resulting texture made me feel that it seemed a lot happier with this new conditioner.

I have used the conditioner again, this time DC with a heat cap and received even better results. This week I added ORS HaiRepair Anti Breakage Creme [Sic] to my routine. However I worried that  I could be overdosing my hair with too much protein /moisture and contacted Organic Root Stimulator via Facebook to ask where the product sat on the scale and have provided you with and excerpt of their response below. (I will review the Anti Breakage Creme once I have used it for long enough). 

Organic Root Stimulator response to my question: 

Where does these two products fall on the moisture / protein line?

"...The Nourishing Conditioner is a balance of moisture and protein. With enough moisture to take care of dryness and enough protein to take care of weak and damaged hair. So in summary, if the hair had more or less the same degree of dryness and weakness we would recommend this conditioner (Not extreme breakage). The bamboo adds elasticity to hair, as the type strengthening bamboo adds to the hair is of a strong and flexible nature not only to the hair shaft but also the hair follicle, also adding shine. The bananas adds the moisture and some of the shine. If the hair is so damaged that it's shedding this usually (not always) indicates that more protein than moisture is needed therefore we would recommend hair mayonnaise. If the hair is damaged, dry and weak due to colour or heat we would recommend using the hair masque which is an intense treatment.
Anti Breakage Creme- the same applies, balancing the correct moisture and protein levels in hair allowing it to be moisturised and strengthened. Bamboo extract is used for the strengthening and shea butter for softening and adding moisture both adding shine.

Overall the Hair Repair range is targeted more for the needs of the hair where a large number of our products are designed essentially for the scalp to the hair. There is enough moisture and protein in the said items to balance the moisture and protein levels in hair. Designed to address the needs of hair before it gets to the hair restoration state. "

This explanation made sense to me and I will be continuing to use the conditioner during my wash as I am more than happy with the results thus far. I like the idea of this product being a balance between protein / moisture and will let you know how I get along with the Anti-Breakage Crème in due course. 

*My thanks to Organic Root Stimulator for responding so quickly to my question.

Have you tried products from this line, what did you think?

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