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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Iman Cosmetics - Morley's in Brixton

Snap shot of Morely's Iman Cosmetics Counter

At the beginning of this month I took my regular trip to Brixton to get my hair done, I had arrived obscenely earlier for my appointment and as per my usual routine popped into Morley's for a quick look see. 

Over the last few weeks I have noticed that the MAC counter had been empty of late and the Iman counter had been getting some serious attention by the black folk. I had some time to spare and so began playing around with the foundations and the lovely assistant offered to match my foundation. Now to set the scene, I had just come off the bus looking like a goon (thug) with my black hoody and blacked out clothing rocking my Poundland bag of supplies for the three hour hairdresser stint I was in for: drink / book/ sandwich :) and she STILL offered to match me, I nearly died of shock but quickly recovered to make use of her offer. 
I was left impressed by the professionalism of this makeup artist who, despite being on her own, managed to match me and complete purchases for several customers. The fact that she managed to act with aplomb whilst dealing with a rude, vicious woman who came over to express her dissatisfaction that there wasn't anyone serving on the non-Iman counter, left me in awe. I had to applaud her because I could not believe this woman’s audacity. 

Not only was I matched, a through explanation of the brand, it's products and demonstrations of how I should apply each item was given. 

I am now a fan!!!!!!!!!

I sit firmly within the Earth range due to my colouring: 
Earth 5 in the Cream to Powder
Earth Medium in the Cover Cream
Earth Dark Powder
There was a equisite array of blushes and I will definitely 

My thanks to Beverly, the Iman makeup artist who served me in Morely's. I had to write a letter to the store to express my appreciation of her excellent customer service. If anyone from Iman Cosmetics reads this I would suggest that you recognise this young woman as she knows her stuff and is making you money at that counter.

 For those of you not familiar with the area Brixton is situated in the South of London and considered to be one  of the areas populated by  many West Indian who immigrated in the early 20th Century, unfortunately this area used to have a strong black population but this is increasingly under threat as the area is halfway through it's regeneration (read gentrification / eradication of black population) and the local residents are increasingly being priced out of the area. *jumps off of political soapbox*

Morelys is an old department store, popular with the older heads' (south London slang term for older black generations, lol)' but with the clever placement of a few key brands such as Iman has seen a revival in popularity among younger customers. 

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