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Sunday, 13 July 2014

ORS HAIRepair Straightening & Strengthening Treatment Review

ORS Straightening & Strengthening Treatment  Review 


Since I begun my transitioning journey I've been amazed at the  sheer versatility of my afro hair. Twist Outs, Bantu Knots, Flexi Rods, Roller Sets - I feel like I've been slowly working my way through the large arsenal of techniques to explore my hair and discover various finishes / styles.

 As the Natural Hair movement continues to breakdown barriers it seems that hair companies have cottoned on to the fact that there is an appetite among some to switch up curly hair and rock a strait style / texture for a short while. ORS Straightening & Strengthening Treatment is one such offering and I was excited to receive an invite to attend their event in  March to learn more (more on the event below). I was intrigued to learn how the process worked as my hair is fragile right now due to transitioning and I didn't want to antagonise it further.

The process 

I decided to try the treatment and made sure to read the detailed instructions twice but still ended up hacking the process!

What I did: 

  1.    I washed my hair with the HAIRepair Shampoo.
  2.    Used  (A) Clarifying shampoo.
  3.    Applied  the HAIRepair conditioner to my hair, taking care to saturate it.
  4.    Pumped out the correct amount of  (B) Foam Activator, I used three pumps.
  5.    Combed through (B) Foam Activator through my hair with a wide tooth comb. 
  6.    Covered my hair with two carrier bags.
  7.    Consulted that Processing chart and waited nine minutes.
  8.    Washed out (B) Foam Activator and the HAIRepair conditioner. 
  9.    Using a mircofibre turban dried my hair to a damp texture. 
  10.    Sectioned hair into four, applied (C) Seal & Smooth Leave- in Conditioner.
  11.    Blow dried my hair on a medium setting. 
  12.    Using my flat iron, set it to a medium temperature. 
  13.    Marvelled at how gorgeous my hair was as I passed the flat iron once through my hair . 
It really was a simple process. My hair didn't fry and I really enjoined the texture. I decided to use this product on two separate occasions before posting as I wanted to fully test the affect (if any) the product had on my hair. At each application I am please to say that I haven't experienced any adverse effects and my hair has returned to my 'normal'. In order to retain the texture I should point out that I made sure to avoid excess water, by this I mean refraining from heavy workout sessions and sticking to light oils. My scalp likes to be washed after two weeks so this was the maxim length of time I had the treatment in before washing my hair again.

ORS Straightening & Strengthening Treatment Event  29th March 2014

I was reassured by the honesty of the presentation: ORS are clear this is not a product to be used as a regular substitute for chemically straightened hair and are keen to stress this to avoid abuse by users thinking it is - going to great lengths to hammer home the number of passes on the straighteners and length of time to leave the foam activator on hair etc. The models used at the event I attended had differing hair textures and I made sure I watched the model who matched my 4A/B/C (lol) texture.I met some fabulous bloggers, many I regret not keeping in touch with after as I loved how passionate they were about what they were doing. The inclusion of the ORS Ambassadors was a beneficial as it enabled me to see how versatile the ORS's products are and their reach to everyday women in various parts of the world.

Overall ORS's Straightening & Strengthening Treatment gets two thumbs up from me. A valuable addition to any Natural / Transitioning woman's styling arsenal!

Have you tried any similar treatments?