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Monday, 19 March 2012

Sleek Blush By 3 - Pink Sprint

Okay the final Blush by 3 review....

Sleek Bush By 3 - Pink Sprint


Pink Sprint marks the third palette purchased by me in the Blush by 3 collection.


Pink Sprint (natural light)
Pink Sprint with flash

Whilst I have a few pink shades they tend to fall in the plum / berry family and so I sat on the fence for a while. I found the middle colour, Pink Ice, to be a bit garish initially but after reading a few reviews I realised that this colour is thought to be a similar shade to Santorini from the Mediterranean collection and quickly came to my senses as I have seen this shade looking amazing on. 
Back of palette

  • Suitable for all skin shades
  • Super pigmented 
  • Excellent price point of £9.99
  • Able to mix colours together to create other shades
  • Handbag friendly size palette size means that it is easily portable. 
  • Limited Edition -  normally I stay away from limited edition items as I hate to fall in love with a product and not be able to re-purchase it later. However, as previously mentioned many are [similar] dupes of existing shades. 
  •  Only able to purchased from Superdrug. I am fortunate to like in an area where several Superdrug's stock Sleek but I am aware that this isn't the case in other areas of the UK.

 Did you manage to pick up any palettes?

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  1. OMG I want this blush so freakin bad!!! So freakin pretty


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