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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

WetnWild Colour Icon - Vanity

Wetnwild Vanity

WetnWild is a US cosmetic brand that used to be sold in the UK and was pretty much ignored by most as it was sold in places like Tesco's, a supermarket not renown for selling cosmetics.

Two years ago the brand was pulled and those of us in the UK who watch YouTube began to notice the most curious rebrand of this over look line; all of a sudden we started to see our American vloggers raving about a brand that was affordable but made extremely pigmented products. We watched, drooling over our keyboards as bloggers blogged, vloggers included this brand repeatedly in their favourites and forums buzzed over this brand and it's amazing Colour Icon collection a set of four palettes: Pride / Vanity / Greed / Lust, each containing six pans of extremely pigmented shadows (half matt, the other shimmer). 

 I searched high and low for good quality swatches, anxious to make a purchase via ebay, but waiting for the inflated prices to be corrected and find a seller worthy of my money to buy from. Finally I plucked up the courage to order Pride and Vanity, the two palettes I had been dying to try and placed my order. After three weeks I managed to get my hands on these long awaited products and was glad I did. 

It is at this point that I should mention that this experience was nearly tainted for me as I had to wait three weeks and came so close to putting a claim in with PayPal as I cold not understand why it was taking so long. As I live in the UK (London) I cannot accept that it takes three weeks for any product to arrive from the US, if I lived in the outer herberdies I might have. Also, having placed several orders with eBay sellers in the US and received the majority of products within a week or so, I am dubious as to the 'professionalism' of the seller and so will refrain from recommending them here. 

The Palette: 

  • Nice size, handbag portable 
  • Pigmented colours and thus woc friendly.
  • Well thought out palette, each shade is complemented by the others. 
  • Mac dupes galore: Bisque/ Mulch/ Nylon/ Embark/ Cork /Wedge/ Gorgeous Gold are just a few of the shades mentioned by others.

  • Not readily available for UK purchase * note to WnW - Superdrug / Boots would be a far better choice than Tesco's!
  • Products have been discontinued. 
  • When swatching I noticed that the colours in the pan appeared to be quite loose- be wary of excess bleeding into other pans. 
Negatives but not linked to WnW:
  • Price- as I ordered via eBay I lost the affordability of the product due to shipping costs. 
  • Delay in receiving product by eBay seller, fix up! When money is exchanged on time and without any delays, a certain level of expediency is expected on your part too.  

Overall I am glad I finally decided to purchase the palettes. Hopefully this post will allow other UK based makeup fans to see the colours and make and informed decision as to whether or not to buy it. 


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