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Sunday, 12 February 2012

MUA Lipstick Shade no 2

In 2010 Superdrug introduced their MUA range with little fanfare; regular shoppers noticed a small little plinth appear randomly in stores with a sign saying everything was £1. Those curious among us started to play with the products on display thinking that the lipsticks, eyeliners, powders and blushes were from a company that had gone bust and Superdrug had picked up the stock dirt cheap and was trying to get rid of it. I recall my surprise to come back and find that not only had this mystery brand grown in display size, but new lines had been added and the brand was owned by Superdrug. Gradually new items started to cost more £2 for lipglosses on par with NYX's Mega Shine; a Professional line appeared containing of all thins Primer, mascara and the now infamous palette that are getting a lot of air time on YouTube.

So today I wanted to take a step back and pay a homarge of sorts to the first item I ever purchased from the MUA line, thier Lipstick in Shade 2. Oh how I loved thee. I wore this practically every time I wore make in the Summer of 2010. I was stopped so many times by women (and one guy) of all ethnicites to ask what I was wearing, and had to guard my hangbag agnaist my friends wandering hands as it was out of stock when they tried to purchase it too.

  • The price - come on, £1.
  • Very pigmented and thus Women of Colour frendly!
  • Excellent on-trend colour range, 12 in total.
  • Moisturising - my lips are very dry so I'm always struggling, never had a problem with this product.
  • Avialibaliy- this range is carried in all of the Superdrug's I frequent in London; they can also be purchased on line at http://www.superdrug.com/
Not so thrilling
  • They can migrate so I tend to use my MAC Prep + Prime  for lips and a good lipliner to tame this bad boy and keep in place.
  • Due to the high pigmentation some colours may stain your lips.
  • Display stand tends to get neglected by staff so be prepared to missing tubes - please sort this out Superdrug on all of your displays!
Love & Peace


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