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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

La Femme Blush

sienna, golden sunset, framboseia, bordeaux, magenta, Cinnabar

There is a LOT of hype surrounding these blushes on the Internet and I first stumbled across them via Youtube  - thanks Colouredbeautiful / DestineyGodly / AfricanExport.

La Femme is a professional makeup brand popular in the US for the quality and price of it's products, in particular, blushes. With a MAC (powder) blush costing anything from £17.50 ($28.10 USD), having a product that is on sale for  $2.50 (£1.55) online (price varying if in an individual pan or refill) certainly pique my interest.

sienna, golden sunset, framboseia, bordeaux, magenta, Cinnabar

La Femme is not a brand readily available in the UK and having decided that I wanted to try these blushes I was disappointed that there was an absence of swatches online, particularly on Black  (women of colour / African - Caribbean) skin. Eventually I deiced to act on the suggestions that the aforementioned makeup gurus on YT and placed on order for six via MakeupMania. I opted for the individual pans as I dislike bulky and cumbersome makeup palettes (I am not a professional and so do not want to carry around twelve blushes when on holiday).

 I managed to get my hands on the majority of the colours I wanted with the exception of Russett and Orange. 

sienna, golden sunset, framboseia, bordeaux, magenta, Cinnabar
sienna, golden sunset, framboseia, bordeaux, magenta, Cinnabar
La Femme Blushes Swatches (natural light)
Sienna:  This redidy brown blus is a must fave for women of colour. If I can't decided what blush to wear, then I know I will look good with this on. Recently I have opted to wear this on with NYX's Cocca for added colour depth and it is amazing.
Magenta: Lovely vibrant blue pink (similar to Sleek's Santorini for those of us in the UK)
Cinnabar: Lovely golden colour, I tend to wear this in the summer months.
Golden Sunset: Rich coral red colour, again an excellent summer colour on woc.
Bordeaux: Now this purple/ plum colour looks very blah in the pot and in swatches online but Ebony, of ColouredBeauitful, waxed lyrical to the point that I took a risk and I am glad I did as it is gorrrrrroeous on! You can see from the swatch that there is a lot of shimmer / glitter but on my cheeks this absorbs into my skin and takes my look up by several notches
Framoseia: Almost neon in it's brightness pink with shots of glitter, definite staple for my deeper skinned ladies.
sienna, golden sunset, framboseia, bordeaux, magenta, Cinnabar
La Femme Swatches (Flash)
The products lived up to their hype, extremely pigmented, long lasting and excellent finishes. You only require a small amount- seriously; what ever you normally use halve it, then halve it again as it you will not need all of that product and then tap off the excess. The blushes have a tendency to appear powdery and may bleed into other colours if in a pan without a suitable cover. However, the pigmentation means that you can use them on the lips and eyes to. 

The only negative I have about the product is that there was a absence of  UK companies that sold the brand but this has changed since I last purchased my blushes 18 months ago.

I will definitely be repurchasing La Femme Blushes and would like some suggestions on which colours I should get.

What do you think of these blushes?


  1. Lovely clear swatches. they look even prettier in the pots than in a palette. i see you've gone for the high-impact, vibrant colours (like i did).
    If you are still looking to purchase more of these may i suggest:
    Orange, Red, Redwood, Plum Frost, Stormy Rose, Mulberry, Purple Passion, & Magenta.
    These rich shades will be sure to compliment darker skin tones.

  2. The colors are really nice but I feel like I can't wear blush. I don't think it looks good on me


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