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Monday, 21 August 2017

MAC Lip Pencils Redd, Cherry, Brick & Beet swatches on Dark Skin

Disappointingly I have had a fruitless search this weekend when seeking lipstick swatches on someone of my skin tone (or even just non white). This really hit home for me, WOC need to continue posting swatches and providing reviews where possible on the internet so that we can be represented. 

I recalled that I hadn't posted these shades of my MAC Lip Pencils. I am now including swatches of MAC Lip Pencils Redd, Cherry, Brick & Beet to add to my previous post. 

Redd, Cherry, Brick, Beet

I have written the descriptions MAC uses below and I have suggested complimentary lipsticks in brackets: 

Redd      Clearly red                    (Russian Red)
Brick       Intense golden red       (Diva)
Cherry    Vivid bright bluish-red   (Ruby Woo) 
Beet        Vivid reddish pink         (Rebel)

Saturday, 24 June 2017

MAC Lip Pencils - Swatched on Dark Skin: Chestnut, Magenta, Nightmoth and Ruby Woo

This is a continuation of my posts on lip pencils / liners that I love. There was no way that MAC couldn't get a mention.  However, whilst getting the photos together for this series I started to change my mind and want to include other pencils swatches, not necessarily my favorite but shades I struggled to find swatches on the internet on dark brown women.  Confession time - I quickly became lazy and so swatched the reds below quickly. 

Chestnut is a must for every dark black woman as it is an excellent shade of brown, pigmented to the gods and blends in perfectly with any lipstick or gloss. 

Magenta I like to wear alone as I adore the blue purple shade. 

Nightmoth - she is my b***h right here! I love the vampy, deep purple shade and her ability to  switch up my pinks, reds and purple lipsticks alike. 

Ruby Woo is a hard one as I hate the dryness of the lipstick and so refused to purchase it (I go through phases where I go in store to purchase it but leave with something else).  I bought this shade to try and circumvent the lipstick and am disappointed as it is not as pigmented as I expected and find that it drags when applying it. Nice blue- red tone but I will not be repurchasing.

The price point for the lip pencils is an issue, specifically as there are comparable (credible) dupes by other brands (NYX), however the pigmentation on some of the shades such as Chestnut have me running back for a repurchase.

What are your favourite MAC lip pencils? Let me know as I need to expand my collection.  

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Makeup Revolution Highlighter & Bronzer: Rock On World, Golden Lights & Rose Gold Lights

Rock on world, Rose Gold, Golden Lights

Makeup Revolution Highlighters and Bronzers are a great low cost option, with exceptional colour pay-off. I picked mine during one of Superdrug's 3 for 2 events, £4 each.

Rock on World
I was instantly drawn to Rock on World as it was a hyped dupe for MAC's MSF Gold Deposit. The shade did'n't disappoint at all.

Golden Lights
Golden Lights was a interesting highlighter as it looks scary white (I swatched it heavily)  but pretty on - light hand is required.

Rose Gold Lights 
I adore this rosy tone highlighter. Again a light hand is required as the shades are all pigmented.

Black women, Woc, Rock on world, Golden Lights, Rose Gold Lights

Have you tried Makeup Revolution's Highlighter / Bronzers? What are your thoughts 

Monday, 24 April 2017

NYX lip Pencils: Swatched on dark skin

NYX produce some of my favourite lip pencils hands down! 

The colour range is excellent and overall, the pigmentation is on point for this black woman.  I have a mixture of the long, slim and auto lip pencils.

When I was making my decision online of the shades I wanted to try I found it depressing that I couldn't really find the shades on someone with my skin tone and so thought it useful to swatch them in this post. Hopefully helping someone else #playitforward, 

I originally ordered the pencils from an American seller on eBay a few years ago when there wasn't a NYX presence in the UK. I fell in love with Current, Bloom, Dark Brown and Deep Purple.  I found myself re ordering my favourites and adding to the collection each time. 

Of course the main reasons for the popularity of these pencils are the fact that they are relatively cheep, accessible and credible dupes to MAC's lip liners. Unfortunately I have picked up a few duds: Pumpkin, Tangerine, Brown Cafe and Dolly Pink - all too light / patchy for my lips. That said I have  used the nib out of the overs, using them to alter lipstick shades that were slightly off (especially the purples / browns).  Expresso, Dark Brown and Cocca are my ride or die among the browns. I thought swatching MAC's Chestnut would be a useful point of reference for any dark skinned woman who, like me, love the bones of this shade (although not the price!). 
Nutmeg is also useful when used with peachy shades that are too light for me and I want to alter it so that I can wear the lipstick. 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Make Up Academy (MUA) Lip Liners

WOC, Swatch,

This is the second in my mini series on lip liners I am currently loving at the moment. I recently told you about the hyper pigmentation on my lips  resulting in my need for a good lip liner to support my love of lipstick. I could have jumped strait to my MAC collection but thought it best to go from the the cheapest to expensive. 

MUA has been doing good things for make up lovers in the UK. I love how they always seem to come out with new products to keep up with the Jones, sometimes surpassing them. Their lip primer is the business, eyebrow pencils darn good and their palettes are often good dupes for the current palette being hyped in the blogsphere.

These lip liners are pigmented, long-lasting and a steal at £1 each! I pick mine up at Superdrug.

I'm a firm fan of MUA. 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Amazon (Random) Lip Liners - Surprisingly quite good

I'm always on the look out for lip liners that perform on my lips as I have dark pigmentation around the outside and a lighter shade in the middle. I can find that I have two different shades appearing on my lips as a result. With the colour variation on my lips I really need my lip liners to be pigmented. I often use the lip liner as a base for the lipstick, colouring in my whole lip and then applying lipstick, this has two benefits.....to keep the colour on for longer and to act as an almost colour primer for my lips, allowing the lipstick colour to appear as uniformed as possible. This post marks the first ina series for lip liners I am currently loving at the moment.

There had been a lot of chatter about a set of lip liners from Amazon that were both affordable and pigmented for a ridiculously cheap price.

Initially sceptical, I decided to try them as they were under £2 for a pack of 12. I was not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. I know that there has been some people complaining that they has received a poor colour mix in their order but I felt my order had a decent variation.

I received 12 lip liners in total, one black eyeliner and 11 were pigmented  lip liners. The funky lilac colour (no 4 along from the left) was the only drawback.

They lasted whilst I was eating or drinking; when I went to sharpen them they didn't flake or create a mess.

For the colour pigmentation, price and availability via Amazon I have to give these liners two thumbs up. 


Wednesday, 14 September 2016


L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre- Shampoo Masque

The benefits of using clays such as Bentonite / Rhassoul / Kaolin to cleanse natural hair has been around of a while. Sadly I have not been able to locate any as I refused to pay a lot for something I was not sure how my hair (or eczema prone skin) would react, so sat on my fence until I happened upon L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay range at Superdrug. To be fair, L'Oreal and their advertising team had been promoting this new range for a hot minute and I had given it the side eye as I was not sure how it would cope with my hair type. However, seeing the special offer in-store convinced me that if it was a bust then I wouldn't be too out of pocket. 

How I used it

Natural HairI duly used it at my next wash day (three days after) as my hair had been limp, flaking and funky, crying out for some TLC.I try to pre-poo my hair at each wash and so treated the Pre- Shampoo Masque in the same manner, making sure to fully coat my hair from root to tip. 

The texture wasn't as scary as I thought - it didn't start crumbling all over the place - but went on like a thick conditioner. I took care to make sure that anything that I didn't want damaged was moved, removing all towels etc from the area but this proved to be unnecessary as it didn't stain anything as it was removed from my hair and bath with a healthy amount of H2O and gentle elbow grease. 

I left it on my hair for around six minutes, washing it out with warm water. I was pleased to see that my curls were popping at the back after use but my front section was slow on the uptake. Undeterred, I shampooed, clarified with ACV and went on to deep condition. I typically multi-task when deep conditioning,  washing out hair brushes or cleaning the house and this wash day was not exception. 
After 15 minutes I took of my shower cap (had to cut back on my carrier bags as the plastic tax was messing with my wash day experience) was left amazed at the curl action my hair was displaying. Each  strand was popping! My hair was super soft and felt clean. I had to do a L'Oreal flick in my mirror - 'cause the results were worth it (pun intended). My hair has remained baby soft, free of it's flaky phase and I have noticed that I am not having to use so much product in my hair after wash day. I feel that I had some serious build up that not even my African Black Soap could reach so this clay masque has been a welcome addition to my regime already.