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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Filofax Love: Filofax Metropol Personal Organiser

Every New Year I become really excited; despite this electronic age I'm an old fashion chick who loves nothing more to write my appointments in a diary. My mother gave me my first diary when I first left for University; It was a A5 day-to-a-page and I loved it. I used to write copious notes, documenting what I did and where I'd been.

Diary, Organiser,

I felt like a change and began researching other alternatives and decided upon a Filofax. This was the easy part, deciding which Filofax style I wanted to try took me two months; keep in mind that some people have  their Filofax's for years, I knew I wanted to get this right. During this two month period I stalked the aisles of WHSmith and John Lewis, I knew I was obsessing when I began taking pictures of the various Filoxfax styles side by side and drooling over them. Eventually it was the texture of  the Metropol (Personal) that sold me and I made my purchase - not looking back since.

I have a mobile / smart phone so don't need  a diary......

There is something final about placing an appointment in my diary, I find that I'm less likely to change or flake on the event.  I have to work at being organised and find the additional inserts / side pockets help me to keep track of projects. Since having my son I've had to become uber organised due to additional doctors, hospital, midwives and other baby appointments; my filofax has been getting some serious love.

How do you organise yourself: mobile / on-line / diary?

Monday, 3 March 2014

HAIRepair Vital Oils For Hair and Scalp (Review)

Ever come across a product that you love and are surprised that it’s not been championed by others? 

ORS HAIRepair Vital Oils Hair and Scalp For Hair & Scalp is this product for me.

ORS, HAIRepair

What the company say: 

This non greasy oil revitalizes dry hair and relieves dry scalp. Formulated with a rich blend of eight oils including grapeseed and sweet almonds oils. Easily penetrates the hair shaft and soothes the scalp. It won’t weigh the hair down or clog the pores.

I'm no stranger to the HAIRepair line from ORS, regularly using the Nourishing Conditioner and Anti Breakage Creme and was happy to return home to find a few items waiting for me from their reps.  When my hair was permed it was very fine and didn’t like heavy oils at all; since transitioning this has continued to be the case. HAIRepair Vital Oils For Hair & Scalp was used by me after washing, to seal my ends and revitalise my hair weekly. The sweet smelling oil is lightweight, non greasy and extremely effective. My hair thanked me for using it by co-operating and not breaking. After giving birth I went through a period of having some serious dry hair despite breastfeeding and this was one of the products I attribute to maintaining my sanity -there is a school of thought that believes that nursing after birth starves off any of the (hormonal) changes that invariably occur to hair. I would rub a tiny amount (10p size) into my hair and it enabled me to get a comb through my hair without breaking when I wanted to create a parting. The nifty applicator provided some help to my dry looking scalp and it didn’t stain or seep through my headscarf like some of the heavier oils I have used.  

Whilst there is something to be said for having differing oils bottled separately, I am a big fan of HAIRepair Vital Oils and recommend it for my reforming product junkies tired of buying copious amounts of oils or for anyone new to moisturising and sealing who want a single product to impart the benefits / goodness oil into their hair. 

Check out my previous review on ORS HAIRepair line (Conditioner) and their response to my question on the moisture / protein balance of the line.

My thanks to ORS's reps in the UK for gifting this product to me.

What are your favourite oils to use and why?

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