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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Nailed: China Gaze - Designer Satin

Hey Hey

China Glaze - Designer Satin
So it was a bit bright in London this week and I, like thousands of other Londoners, rushed to brighten up my wardrobe whist remaining office appropriate.

 So before leaving on Thursday I sloped on a berry pink colour, Designer Satin- a shade from China Glaze, to help me channel my happiness at the brighter weather.

Now I have a notoriously hard time with polishes as I have peeling and difficult nails so accept that my nails will not last for two days without some serious intervention.

China Glaze - Designer Satin Bottle
As such, I feel it is not right for me to comment on the longevity of a nail product, particularly as in this case, the use of sloped is an adequate description of my application.

That said the nail colour had the desired effect and started two conversations with my fellow commuters - who said Londoners are not friendly??

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