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Saturday, 10 March 2012

MAC's Lady Danger- swatched!

Today was a day of discoveries for me in Westifield Stratford....
  1. I discovered that Victoria Secret is going to be opening a large store there (about time)
  2. I discovered that there is a Mac store in the complex

Since my previous post I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to purchase Miss [Lady] Danger  but to no avail. Upon discovering that there is a free standing store in Westfied  I decided to break my own self imposed rule of NEVER venturing into a MAC store when its packed and skipped into the store to spend some dough.

 There result was >>>>> fail! They had the tester, but had sold out. No!!!!!!

MAC Lady Danger

Thankfully, the associate who was booking people into get seen managed to multitask, locating the sample for me to play with and an alternative, So Chaud, for consideration. I should like to take this opportunity to once again say thanks as this wasn't an easy feat, the store really was heaving. I did try So Chaud but forgot to take a picture.

Having no real shame I decided to take a pic (or five) in store and thought I should post one.

To the left is a picture sans foundation to mute out the eczema / pigmentation around my mouth. It was the best I could do as I was fighting for space in the mirror.

UPDATE: I went back the next week and managed to pick up a tube!

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