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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Trouser Snake - H&M

Hello there

 As a plus size lady I find buying trousers to be a chore and so had to post this picure of my recent purchase in H&M.

For those of you who didn't know H&M have a plus size range in a few of their stores under the banner B:B, Big is Beautiful, now I don't always agree with this as some of the H&M clothes in this line are down right offensive to my fashion conscious sensibilities. I often find myself wanting to write a letter to cuss out the 'designer' who created the shapeless monstrosities that one can usually find in this collection- shapeless T-shirts anyone?

These trousers however, were bang on point. The cut meant that they stopped dead on my ankle and wasn't too baggy around the bottom or thigh. Result.
H&M Peg trousers

Oversized jumper- Primark
White wife beater (just showing) - Peacocks
Pointed courts are in a snake-skinned pattern- primark.
Bag - Zara
I had on dark blue denim jeans from Evans before trying on the trousers.

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