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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector - a beauty must have

MAC Studio Finish Skin Corrector Pure Orange, Colour correction

MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Corrector is one of those holy grail products for Black Women that encapsulates why I blog -sharing great products, particularly relevant to women who are of a similar shade to me.

Initially colour correction passed me by as I saw women of a lighter hue using greens, purples etc, prompting me to dismiss it. I grew frustrated a I saw peach correctors being touted as being applicable for black/ tan skin. When I went to swatch these peach correctors I noticed that they didn't do anything for my hyperpigmentation.

MAC's Pure Orange Studio Finish Corrector is a game changer.  It  may seem a little bit scary upon first glance, but to all my Black Women NW45 and above with hyperpigmentation, we need this in our makeup arsenal. The little pot packs a punch as a gentle swatch provides enough to cover even the deepest hyperpigmentation. I use it to cover around my mouth and eye area where I have panda eyes. I love how it starts off as a scary red / orange then it settles down to looking, normal. I find that this helps me use less foundation and concealer. Creasing has not been an issue around my eyes and I am able to use eyeshadow without the orange colour interfering in other shades. 

MAC describe it as:
A specially tinted, full coverage and long-wearing water-resistant corrector.
...full coverage and long-wearing water-resistant corrector. Goes on smooth and dries to a natural finish. This emollient-rich formula is unique in that it's highly pigmented and only requires a dab to correct discolouration and conceal tattoos, dark circles and blemishes.  

Colour Correction: A quick, brief background
Image borrowed from Google
Colour correction essentially is used to correct or 'neaurailse' problematic areas on the face.
Black Women, especially those of us who are rich / deep in tone, tend to suffer with (blue) hyper-pigmentation  around our eyes and mouth. In this era of Kim K we would use a concealer to brighten / highlight under our eyes but, by applying a bit of basic colour theory, we can seek to overcome these issues in a sympathetic and, in my opinion, natural way than a simple use of a concealer. Often the hyper-pigmentation is blue in colour in Black Women  and as a primary colour, its opposite (complimentary) on the colour wheel is orange. Therefore if we need to neutralise blue, we need an orange to do so.

I definitely recommend Destiny Godley  youtube videos on colour correction  for anyone still confused. 

Have you become a fan of colour correction?

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wilko's Premium Make Up Brushes - great buy

Wilko's, Makeup Brushes, Wilko Premium Powder Brush

Wilkos Premium make up brushes have become a firm favourite of mine since last year. A surprise find on the high street due to the truly affordable price point (avg £4) and reasonable availability, I am surprised that more fuss has been made of these 100% synthetic brushes. 

Wilko Premium Make Up Brushes, Wilko Premium Powder Brush
Wilko Premium Powder Brush
I was initially drawn in by the powder brush on their display whilst in store; it called out to be to be touched it was soooo dense. I kid you not I was stood there for a good while stroking the brush to see if any of the bristles came off in my hand, I couldn’t believe how soft and thick it was. I quickly came back to repurchase as many as I could find once I got home and tried out the powder brush , using it to apply my bronzer. Gorgeous. The dense bristles distributed the bronzer almost better than if the sun had kissed my applied foundation itself!  I found the only draw back was the stippling brush which was a bit confusing as it was both too soft and scratchy when applying makeup. Undeterred, I have found a use for it – to apply my elf HD blushers which are very pigmented and need to be distributed quickly and evenly on my face. 

I deliberately wanted to wait to see if these brushes would deteriorate after use, but after a year of use I haven't seen so much as a single bristle escape. 


Wilko Premium Powder Brush,
Top to bottom: Powder, Stippler, Blusher, Smokey Eye Duo

Have you come accross any surpise beauty finds that arent't being hyped?