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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dry Heels? Compeed Overnight Cracked Heel Cream

Dry Feet,

A recent debate at among friends left me no choice but to post how I try to avoid the dreaded ashy feet / dry heel problem. I am one of those people who use a foot cream every day! In fact, the thought of putting my feet into a any shoe / sandal / slipper without any sort of emollient on breaks me out in a sweat. I just cant do it.

Compeed's Overnight Cracked Heel Cream is one of my favourite 'go-to'. Nice and thick in consistency, its rich formula leave you in no doubt that your feet will keep the dreaded ash away. Containing the blessed Urea and Lactic Acid, over time my heel's skin changed in texture to one that wouldn't cause me any embarrassment. I found that other creams merely coasted my skin, building up a nasty film over time and loved that this cream didn't.

But I have really bad skin on my heels....
If you do then I would suggest some serious TLC. The web is littered with solutions to remove hard skin, but I find nothing beats a good soak and scrub. My favourite combination: warm water, drops of Tea Tree oil or lemon (good for antibacterial properties- excellent for people with funky toenails) and rough salt. Soak for a good 20 minutes and then, using a pumice stone, scrub the hell out of the skin - taking care not to cut the skin.  Take good care to dry your feet, slather them with a really rich, moisturising product such as the Compeed or Shea Butter. Depending on how much you want to treat yourself - I tend to do this when I'm having a night in - wrap feet in cling film, then socks after a good trim and cut the nails. Leave overnight and then enjoy the renewed skin on your feet! A good soak once a week, coupled with a good moisturising routine for badly damaged feet for six weeks should help the skin sort itself out. If all else  fails I would suggest visiting your GP / Chiropodist.

How do you keep your feet looking good?

Monday, 27 January 2014

Hat's off to ya Ma'am

I've become an even bigger fan of hats since beginning to transition 
my hair back to it's natural state. I loved the whole Saint Laurent 
(YSL to me always!) aesthetic with the wide fedoras and recently
picked up a wide brimmed felt hat from Peacocks that I obsessed 
over when I first laid eyes on it. Unfortunately for my purse I saw 
another trilby and will be going back to purchase on pay-day. I have
messed around with a few ideas on how I'm gonna style these hats 
and the results are below.

Hats of to ya Ma'am

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Baby On Board

So, you may have noticed there has been a severe lack of posts on my blog  over the last year.....

As the title suggests I was in fact pregnant and have now given birth, whoo hooo!

Whilst hubby and I were extremely happy to be expecting,this pregnancy was not without hiccups along the way: I was unfortunately severely anaemic during the majority of the pregnancy and found it hard to breathe, let along find the energy to blog. The hospital told us we were having a girl and out popped my son! That said, baby is healthy and happy so expect to see additional items on my pregnancy / motherhood on this blog, as I found reading about real life experiences to be helpful to me during this humongous period of change.

Weirdly it's like my body knew it would be going through a change, in January I made the decision to revert my hair to it's natural state from perm and so expect a few posts on my experiences (good & very bad). The regrowth has been a revelation; I feel as if I'm having to relearn how to manage with my Afro hair after fifteen plus years of having a perm! It's been hard for me style the two, very different textures without loads of hair breaking off or the teeth of my comb breaking.

Hopefully, as my son grows, I will be able to catch a few minutes to write and I plan to post on the rare days that I have off from full on mummy duties.