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Sunday, 11 August 2013

elf HD Blush

woc, Encore, Showstopper, Diva,
ELF HD Blush
(L-R) Encore, Showstopper, Diva

EyesLipsFace (elf)'s HD  Blush had been on my watch list for a while. Touted as being a credible, affordable dupe for MakeUpForever's HD Blushes, I - like many other UK make-up lovers- waited impatiently for them to reach our shores after watching / reading about them on the internet.

These blushes are sold in the UK for £3.75, earlier this year I managed to get my paws on three of the five HD Blushes: Encore / Showstopper/ Diva, taking advantage of elf's 50% discount on all Studio products. I found these blushes to be creamy in texture and was initially scared of just how pigmented they are. To say a small amount goes a loooooooooong way is an understatement and necessary to avoid wastage. As you can see from my swatches, I placed a relatively small amount on my arm and had an obscene amount left over. A stippling or elf's power brush is a must for application to avoid staining your fingers. You need to ensure that you blend, blend, blend in order to avoid coco the clown cheeks. It would be a good idea to practice before using the blush directly on your face. 

  • Highly pigmented and colour choice of the above blushes = excellent for WOC. 
  • Extremely affordable at £3.75 for 10ml and value for money due to amount required.
  • Long lasting
  • Multi use- I've seen YouTuber's using the excess on lips as stain or base for lipstick. 

  • Pump dispenser allows for wastage, heavy fingers beware.
  • Availability- website regularly shows popular colours as being out of stock. 

Overall I am a fan. I am confident that I will be ordering Superstar once it shows as being back in stock and am really proud of elf for bring us a product that could have remained in the land of high end brands to the masses, at an affordable price point without compromising on quality.

I wish more brands would be as honest elf in their pricing to consumers. 

Have you tried HD Blushes  what are your thoughts?