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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MAC's Lady Danger

You see, I have a confession.....I'm a little occ when it comes to make-up.
On Friday I visited the MAC store in Westfield (White City) and over heard four women talking about 'Lady Danger'. Lady Danger, Lady Danger, Lady Danger la la la is all I heard. Being the keen shopper that I am (read nosey) I had a quick look when they eventually left the stand and hunted down this tube and upon first swatch I was a bit confused as it was a bit, well bright. Whilst I'm no shrinking violet I kinda don't want to be arrested by Joan Rivers et al for crimes against red lips so I left the store. Ever since then I have been on a quest to find this shade and try and work it so that it's suitable for my NW50 skin.

Now I find myself throwing out a plea to the beauty blogger worlds, 'what say you all on this shade?'

 Have you any ideas on how I can rock this shade????

 ANY help on this matter is appreciated as I can see me heading to a pro store and picking it up -soon.

Please do not suggest Ruby Woo as I can't stand her and am not sold on Russian Red. To complicate matters further I have two-tone lips and so need a liner that I can use to colour my lips in as I'm not really a fan of using foundation on my lips.

Help me...........
Image taken from makeupandbeauty.com/mac-lady-danger-lipstick-review/ check it out!

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  1. How dare you diss my Ruby Woo?! *dramatic tears* LOL.

    Use a brown liner to tone down the colour around the edges.

    Lady danger looks like a great colour but orangey reds normally looks odd on me; I might try it out tomorrow though.

    I say to get and figure out how to wear it after? :D


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