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Monday, 9 April 2012

Seche Vite Top Coat

I had to write an entry to this top coat as it has been tried an tested by me over the last three months - I am already on my second bottle!

Seche Vite with my kiss of approval

This product appeared on my radar after reading a number of reviews. Having run out to purchase OPI's Rapid Drops (and found it lacking) to say I was sceptical would be an understatement. 

However, in January I ran out of top coat and had gone in a mini spree in the nail store, seeing a bottle on the shelf I added it to my basket. At the checkout the sales assistant did everything he could to dissuade me from purchasing this top coat, but curious about the product I stood firm. 

 It took a week before I tried it and the verdict was- my nails were dry within one minute of application. I could not believe it. Since  overcoming my initial shock I have been making regular use of it, whacking on a different nail colour before running out of the door. 

Company's  patter:
Seche Vite™ dry fast top coat is widely acknowledged as the world's finest top coat. Specially formulated to penetrate through nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish. Guaranteed not to yellow while leaving nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling.
  • Touch dry top coat within three minutes of application. 
  • Super shiny finish 
  • No longer need to carry a bottle of nail polish for fear of chips whilst out. 
  • Doesn't last past two days on my brittle nails. 
  • Price - I but direct from a supplier so this isn't a factor for me but a quick search on the web allowed me to see that once again, UK consumers are being rippled off on an overseas product.
Having purchased my second bottle I am a fan. I make sure to spend time on applying the colour let this air dry for around five minutes before putting on Seche Vite et voila, touch dry nails. I can understand why the sales associate wasn't impressed, there are better top coats on the market, but none as quick drying as Seche Vite.


  1. Wonder why the sales assistant tried to dissuade you from buying it....how much did you pay and where?

    1. I am a regular customer of this nail store and the sales guy is famiilar with the poor state of my nails. In his opinion I needed a medicated product and knew the Seche Vite wouldn't last on my brittle nails.


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