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Friday, 6 April 2012

Eyes are the window to your soul

A Cat Eye is my go to look of choice. I wish I could be as creative as others when it comes to my eye makeup but as I usually wear glasses the will to do so kinda disappears. However, catch me when I'm out with the girlies, rocking contacts - different story, I become the Queen of smoky / Arabic look. As such I love a good liner and have displayed three of the liners I have been using of late. 

Liquid Liners
Eye pens of choice
Primark - This liquid liner is the business. For a whooping £1 I get a liquid liner that produces an almost vinyl effect on my lids. Aside from the price, I love the way the liner stretches to form 'rubber waste like resin' allowing for easy removal and longevity. This is on constant repeat purchase for me however, I must provide the following caveat, the other liquid colours are not up to par so please, do not your hard earned £1. 

Barry M - This pen applicator allows for even a novice liquid linear to achieve brilliant results.  You can manipulate it so that a nice thick line is created a la Miss Winehouse (may she rest in peace). My only gripe it that the black colour isn't as dark as I like on my eyes. That said, it is used far frequently than other liners.

MUA - A brand that keeps being worthy of a mention on this blog as it keeps producing superb products for as little as a £1. The designers of this kohl deserve a round of applause as they have they have clearly taken time to think about this product. In each liner MUA has provided the user with a sharpener, affording the user to determining how sharp they want the pencil to be. The colour is deep and rich, great for a simple and dramatic look. I love the fact that it is multi functional: can be used wet with a little Fix + for a liquid effect, used as a base all over the lid, blended using fingers and a brush for smoking or use in my water / tight line without irritation. 

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