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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Product throwback: Ruby & Mille Cheek Gloss

Happy Easter to you!

In the 'spirit' of resurrection this post shall feature a discontinued product by a brand it would be great to see back on shelves. 

Coral Cream gloss
Ruby & Millie Coral Cheek Gloss


Ruby & Mille was a British makeup brand created by Ruby Hammer & Millie Kendal, both renown figures within the cosmetics industry. I rediscovered this product after attempting to move some of  my stash into boxes I bought in IKEA two weeks ago. Unfortunately I have learnt that the brand has been discontinued but wanted to post about this cheek gloss as it was one of the first makeup purchases I ever made and since rediscovering, have fallen back in love with this cream gloss. 

This multifunctional product was designed primarily as a cream blush but it's pigmented texture allows it to be used on the lips too. I tend to use it as a cream blush by itself or to anchor other, weaker, cheek products. I have found it to last a good eight hours and loooove the colour pay-off. I have C5 in Coral. It looks superb on women of colour but I caution you to use with a light hand. 

Coral Cream Blush
Ruby & Millie Cheek Gloss C5 Coral Swatched

I was always a fan of the packaging of this brand. I have a green eyeshadow that slides out from the side and used to marvel at the sheer genius of the design - why other brands haven't copied this I do not know. 
Loving the case

The case encompasses everything I like in a well designed product; it's clear see-through case allows for the user to see how much is left and a simple sliding tab allows for easy access to the product. 

Have you rediscovered a product recently?

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