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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Quick Swatch Series: Sleek's Mystic Vs MAC's Girl About Town

woc Sleek MAC Lipstick
Sleek Mystic vs MAC's Girl About Town (natural light)

 I love these two colours! 

The sun has been out in London town for the last week and the temperature slightly above 10 degrees *whoop whoop* so I have decided to brighten my makeup up a tad, wearing my usual cat eye with a bright lip. The two colours of choice have been Sleek's Mystic, a matte fuchsia / purple shade, and MAC's pink Girl About Town (GAT).

Mystic, Girl About Town  Sleek, MAC,
Natural light (left) vs Flash (right)
At first glance I thought these colours would be similar but MAC's GAT is clearly on the fuchsia pink range and Sleek's Mystic clearly has a blue tone visible. Each lipstick has been lined with NYX's Purple Rain liner.  
GAT is far creamer as Mystic is a matt colour. I use them both to 'pop' an outfit and so find them easy to wear. 
Following a recent trip to a MAC counter I managed to convince two of my girlfriends, both on differing parts of the colour spectrum, that they could wear a bright lip colour as a women of colour with GAT! This lipstick tends to stain my lips after use.

I tend to use Mystic for night's out when I'm trying to be fun n' free (but respectable). As a matt colour I have to make sure that my lips have been primed (MAC's Prep + Prime Lip) and scrubbed to remove flaky skin. It is long lasting.

Overall I'm glad I bought both.

Have you got a fave pink / purple lip colour?

Stay safe

BML xx

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  1. I've been meaning to pick up a purpley pinky lipstick for a while now. Both of these colours look great aswell :)


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