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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Revlon Colourburst - Rosy Nude

Revon Rosy Pink

This is a hero lipstick.

It is.

Reason: It suits everyone

This is the second lipstick purchased by me in the 'Two lip products for £9.99 / £10' in Superdrug's and Boots last month. This colour was something of a surprise to me, completely unexpected. Looked pleasent in the tube so swatched as an afterthought, but then.......pow! Oh my, the colour -the colour! At first I thought it was the trick of the store lights and so rushed outside to take a look in natural light, promptly running back to make a tube mine.

Revlon Rosy Nude swatch on my skin

The light pigmentation means that I can wear it as a subtle pink nude or build it up over concealer based lips to bring out its true colour.

I think it suits every skin tone and recomend it to all women of colour to try.

Well done Revlon!

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