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Monday, 30 April 2012

London Mayoral Elections

Operation Black Vote 'Black Britain Decides' event
As a politics junkie and a Londoner, this Thursday marks the end of the recent Mayor campaigning in London and a return to the normal Punch and Judy action of the Prime Ministers Question Time *sad face*.  I’m a strong believer in excising my right to vote and am proud to say that I have never missed a major election since turning 18 years old. 

At the beginning of this month my Bessie and I made the journey north of the river to Kilburn to attend Operation Black Vote’s (OBV) Mayoral hustings at their ‘Black Britain Decides’ event and  spent the evening listening to the main candidates discuss their key policies as they appealed for our votes. Overall the evening was a success for me as it allowed me to be confident in my selections and it warmed my cockles to see so many like minded members of my community come out to send a message to the mayoral candidates that the ‘Black Vote’ is substantial. 

Apathy is something I come across a lot when discussing politics and it always saddens me, as a pragmatic optimist (no this isn’t a juxtaposition of terms) I strongly believe that whatever your political leanings it is important to go out and make your vote count.

There is a saying that a journey starts with one step; I strongly believe that change begins with my vote!

I look forward to waking up on Friday to see the results. :)

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