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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine

Fresh, Berry, Lush
I recently posted about my purchases from Poundland and should have included these lipglosses. 

They are from the Sally Hansen's Natural line. I like these glosses as they are lightweight and non sticky in texture, so get two thumbs up from me. 

Fresh is a semi nude / peach colour 

Berry is a raspberry colour

Lush is a light baby pink colour. 

All can be worn sheer or over a gloss

My overall opinion is that these glosses are a welcome addition to my collection. I despise the glunky feel that some glosses can create and live in fear of the dreaded white line that I have experienced with some products. 

Fresh, Berry, Lush

My lips welcomed the glossess and didn't react to the glosses in the way that they have previously. With some glosess I have to make sure that I place lashings of Blitex before applying, this was not the case with the Natural Lip Butters and after removal my lips weren't overly dry.

The only negative I have is that I didn't come across any other colours to purchase in this range. I will be keeping my eyes out for more in this range.

Have you come across this range?


  1. Hi you find some great things in poundland! I'm going to go and take a look. Thanks for all the info, its great!

  2. It was by chance that I took the time to stop and look. Let me know what you find.

  3. Tag your it!
    I tagged you in my latest post, check it out :)


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