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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Zara Flats


Let’s face it, during winter our outfits can be a bit drab and so during the spring / summer I like to amp it up, popping colour into my outfits where possible. Increasingly I find that shoes are a fun way to achieve both colour and texture into an outfit. So, in keeping with my focus on accessories, I should like wax lyrical about these turquoises flats I purchased from Zara as they have been a firm staple for me as the sun makes an appearance.

 When I come across something I like I tend to obsess and buy a back up, I am soooo glad I picked up two pairs when I did as I love the colour and scaled texture of theses flats! They are extremely comfortable and serve me well in my commute from my door to office when I can’t be bothered to wear heels. 

Am I the only one who buys a back up pair of shoes when they come across something they like? 

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