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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Focus on Accessories: Brixton Market

I am something of a magpie when it comes to accessories, if it’s bright and shiny I have a tendency to swoop in and take a look. This stall in Brixton market is no exception to this. 

In true BLKMimiLDN fashion there is a story behind this discovery....I had admired a cuff a good friend was rocking on a recent night out and she mentioned a stall in Brixton market. Now, I have to confess this kind of went over my head as I hadn't visited the market for a number of years. However, when I saw her with another outstanding piece, I had all the impetus I needed to find this magical place that was providing her with this wounderful bounty. 

Since last summer feathers have been rocking my world and the stall's original, hand-made feather earrings caught my eye initially. After trialling them to see if they irritated my sensitive (eczema) skin, I went back and purchased the necklaces. With over seven purchases I can safely say I'm a fan. The angel wings were worn by me every day when I first picked them up ut, as the sun has gotten brighter, I have been wearing the multi colour feather earings (first two below).

Since finding this stall I have found out that I am well and truly late to this party as the stall is well known locally and I have discovered that they have branched out and pitched up in Peckham (near Morrisons)! 

If you live / work / play in these parts of South London and like to wear unique jewellery then I would seriously recommend you check out the stalls. 

If not then check out your local markets to see if they have any stalls that feature designers selling their wares.

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