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Monday, 21 May 2012

Love MakeUp: La Femme & Z Palette

Last weekend Love Makeup decided to have a sale on a few of the blushes from La Femme and I picked up five blushes and a small Z palette.

I was so happy to receive my items that I decided to document my unveiling of the goods.

Each blush was housed in its own separate baggy and thankfully wasn't damaged in anyway. Their names were on the back of each pan with the ingredients labelled on the front.


My items arrived within two days of me placing the order and were wrapped securely in bubble wrap. The Z Palette was accompanied by magnetic stickers to help you place items inside the palette securely. 
The packaging of my products was excellent; as you may be aware La Femme blushes are often sold loose as pan refills. One of my concerns was that I would receive damaged goods, thankfully this wasn't the case. The only negative was the selection of blush colours on offer, hopefully this will improve. Despite this I will definitely be ordering from LoveMakeup again as I was extremely happy with the whole process. Any company that takes such care over how they package my goods will have my repeat custom!

Let me know what you think of the shades and what you store in you palettes. 

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  1. i just checked the website and there are only 2 colours available (mocha & rose) :( I want mocha though so I may just get that and the Z palette.


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