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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Illamasqua Beauty School Drop-in

On Sunday (13/05/2012) I decided to head down to Illamasqua's Beauty School Drop-in at their flagship store situated at no. 20 Beak Street. This was a brand that I hear so much about from UK bloggers and so thought it would be an ideal time to find out more about thier products and pick up some tips.
As you can see from the timetable, the programme on offer was pretty extensive but broken down into 15 minutes sessions. As my previous post was dedicated to brows pencils, I was keen to catch the 'Defined Brows' session - my brow tech is also starting maternity leave next week so I need all the help I can get in this area!The store was definitely in keeping with the brand aesthetic and there was a decent sized space for us 'students' to sit and take in the first three lessons.

Beauty School Drop-in
Claire takes us through the Flawless skin / Liquid Liner / Smokey Eye session
Our first 'teacher'  Claire Lile, took us through the Flawless Skin / Liquid Liner / Smokey Eye sessions. Each product used was given a full explanation and useful tips such as using a brush to apply my primer in order to maintain a barrier went down well. Illamasqua's Medium pencils went on my wish list as we saw them being used all over the face - from lips, eyes and to colour correct the skin.

We then moved into the main part of the store where Highlighting & Contouring / Defined Brows/ Perfect Pout was taught by our second teacher, Daniel Sallstrom.  I loved that he took us through a bit of colour theory to help us understand how to achieve our desired looks.

Daniel demonstrates Highlighting  & Contouring / Defined Brows / Perfect Pout

Skin Base - new shades for Women of Colour!

David Horne

Claire was also joined by David Horne, Director of Product Development, who provided us with an insight into the Skin Base foundations. The addition of seven new shades allows Illamasqua to be one of the few major brands to be able to call their foundation range truly diverse. This really appealed to me. As a Black woman I find that brands are happy to take my money through lipstick / blusher sales but ignore my need for decent quality foundation. Whilst I can acknowledge that there has been some movement recently, I still find that MUAs at counters still shy away from touching my friends and I skin. I am pleased to day that this was not my experience at all during my visit in store. David's explanation (and Claire's demonstration) of their limited edition Au (Gold) left me drooling over this golden shimmer shade, designed to be used on the high point of the face -a decent highlighter for Black Women.

The Beauty School Drop-in is an excellent idea. I found it a great way to pick up some useful makeup tips and learn more about the brand. Being a super nerd I took notes throughout the sessions but I was pleased that they had prepared cards for us to take away for each session.  Overall I would recommend the sessions to all.
I think the next Drop-in is scheduled for the 2nd June. If you’re in the area, pop along and let me know what you thought of it.

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