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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Focus on Accessories: Primark

One of the ways I try and add a bit of interest to an outfit is the addition of accessories. Over the next few days I will be post some of my favourites that I love at the moment. 

Today's post shall focus on items I have acquired from Primark who, in my opinion, can be relied upon to produce some good on-trend / interesting accessories at a decent price point. This season’s sunglasses in particular, starting from as little as £1 have been floating my boat as I have to wear contacts and sunniess to stave off migraines on brighter days. I need to add the caveat that you need to pick wisely as I have had items fall apart, but I have featured some items that I have had for over two years that are still as good as when originally purchased.

Where do you go for your accessories and what items are you loving at the moment?

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  1. Im LOVING cat eye sunglasses for sure. But I only have one pair haha. Come visit if you get a chance.



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