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Sunday, 12 February 2012

H&M C'est Chic Eye Shadows

Whilst shopping in H&M I tend to look through their beauty dept as they have an excellent nail colour selection, a few months ago I was fortunate enough to stumble across this lovely eye shadow set called "C'est Chic" and loved the colours it contained. The slate colour really drew me in as I have been looking for a replacement for a liner I had lost from Bare Esentuals; the rest kinda fell into line.

The colours:
1. Is a light brown which I use all over my lid when doing a brown smokey eye.
2. Pearlised light pink colour - used for highlighting under brow or inner corners, not my fave as
    kinda talcy on me :(
3. An excellent red / burgundy colour that I use my lids when I want to look bangin.
4. Slate grey-blue colour that I absolutely adore. Use as an allover when going out raving with
    additional  support from Sleek's Bad Gal palette or as a liner on both the top an bottom of my eyes.
   This allows my dark eyes to pop and creates even more drama - love it!

I'm sure it's still available in stores and I know the next time I'm in H&M  I will pick up another.

I have provided a swatch on the back of my hand for you to get an idea. Let me know what surprises you've come across in a high street store beauty wise.

Love and Peace
H&M Eyeshadows

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  1. omg I love those vibrant blushes...great for women of color!

    new follower:)


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