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Sunday, 19 February 2012

MUA Professional 3 in1 Extreme Contour Liner

MUA 3 in 1 Angled Contour Liner 

 I know, I know another MUA post but I can't help it. You see, over the last 20 plus years of my existence I have come to realise that in life expensive doesn't always = good.

MUA Angled Liner Box (back)
So, MUA has a professional line and they recently launched a new addition - 3 in1 Extreme Contour Liners. The 3 refers to the number of looks they feel you can create with the liners; the fact that the liner has an angled edge is a plus, they can be used as a shadow, base for eye colour and to line.
I am featuring two of the liners as I like these colours best and have used them the most. The pigmentation is fair and I like the fact that I can smudge them out on my lid for an extra dramatic effect.

Fresh Mint (Shade 3) = Shinny Teal colour. I usually use this in my waterline and to 'pop'  my purple shadows. Will definitely be used more in summer!

Smoked Plum (Shade 6)= Deep Plum colour. As I have to be very conservative a work (I usually go in sans makeup) I have been trying to sneak in a bit of glamour to my face and wear to line my eyes with my MaxFactor volume and length mascara. At a meeting two weeks ago I caught a client looking at what I'd done, she came up to me after to check out the major 'eye porn' (I love this phrase) I'd been giving and we happily spent the next 10 minutes nattering about makeup, so it gets a thumbs up from me.

Let me know what you think, I'm always on the look out for a good liner so drop me a line.

MUA Angled Liner
MUA Swatches

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  1. Wow! Love those two colors! I may try them.


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