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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sleek's Berry Collection

Hi there!
In the run up to Christmas The Berry Collection was launched by Sleek here in the UK. My initial reaction was 'blah' but fortunately a late running friend, coupled with my inability to simply wait and do 'nothing', saw me venture into Superdrug's makeup aisle where I promptly swatched and bought this excellent bit of kit.

Now I'm no fool, three items for £9.99 they had my attention at the price, but really it was the quality of the blush that sold me. The lipstick reminded me of a matte but credible version of NYX's Black Cherry which I love with a vampire sucking passion but when I swatched the blush I was like ahhhh; it's adorable - a soft plum and pink mash-up. The kohl ain't worth toffee for darker skin ladies on the eyes, so don't waste your time. It makes me look ill. Like all thrifty makeup fiends I quickly thought lip liner! You don't really see that many reviews for their lip liners but I really recommend you seek the out the retractable liners as they are quite good; I have paid between £1.39 - £1.69 for them from various black hair shop as Superdrug is way overpriced - check out Paks online or search through the hair shop's makeup sections for a similar bargain.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase; I am a Sleek fan and am pleased to have a UK brand going from strength to strength. As a lot of other bloggers have shown the collection is suitable for all, no matter where you place on the spectrum of the skin wheel, I would urge creative with the Kohl and advise a light hand with the blush - no one likes coco the clown cheeks!

See ya!

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