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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lola's Cupcake - Topshop Oxford Street

Lola's Cupcake - Warning contains yummy cupcakes
Yesterday I attend a Burlesque class in overly trendy Shoreditch with friends and had a great time, heading to the West End for shopping after. Whilst in Oxford St we popped into Topshop where I was happy to be (re)introduced to Lola's Cupcakes. Now I had the privilege of tasting their product briefly at a birthday party (my slice of birthday cake was swiped when I was called to take photo's *sad face*) and so I was excited to have an opportunity to have my very own cupcake.

Lola's Cupcake stand Topshop Oxford St
I bought both a Lemon and Vanilla cupcake and was pleased with both. The texture was nice and moist without the nasty aftertaste some 'luxuary' cupcakes brands can leave. I was not impressed with the price (£2.50 each) but as it was in Topshop I am happy to attribute some of the profit going towards paying for space in the store. 

On the whole I would probably treat myself  and hubby again, I think that their presentation is nice and fun and I'm gad that they have stayed away from falling into the faux-retro vibe a LOT of bakers taken.

Check out them out - I have left their link here: http://lolas-kitchen.co.uk/lolas_cupcakes.html

Are you a cupcake eating kinda gal / guy?

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  1. I loveeeee red velvet and plain white cupcakes!


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