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Sunday, 12 February 2012

MUA Eye Shadows 11 & 19

Continuing in my MUA tribute I wanted to provide a quick mention to their eye shadows. As a darker skinned (NW50) lady it can be extremely hard for me to find a shade that I can use to blend out my colours or act as a transitional colour for me as I naturally have panda eyes.

MUA = MakeUp Academy, Superdrg's own brand make up line.

MUA Shade 19 - Matt a dark brown powder is my go-to shade for blending out colours or acting as a transitional colour.

MUA Shade 11 - Pear is a shimmery light Brown colour used to brighten the inner corners of my eyes or act as a highlight under a freshly threaded brow.

Again I find a big amount of the appeal of these shadows is their price. At £1 there aren't many complaints. I tend to always use a primer with my face due to sensitivity and find that my Urban Decay primer or my favourite Bare Escentual's Brightening face primer makes it hard for me to comment on their longevity; I certainly don't notice any fading as they are extremely pigmented.

As you can see from the swatch Shade 19 is an almost mach for my skin but appears almost like a slate on the camera (sorry) and Shade 11 shows up in all of its shimmery glory.

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