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Monday, 21 August 2017

MAC Lip Pencils Redd, Cherry, Brick & Beet swatches on Dark Skin

Disappointingly I have had a fruitless search this weekend when seeking lipstick swatches on someone of my skin tone (or even just non white). This really hit home for me, WOC need to continue posting swatches and providing reviews where possible on the internet so that we can be represented. 

I recalled that I hadn't posted these shades of my MAC Lip Pencils. I am now including swatches of MAC Lip Pencils Redd, Cherry, Brick & Beet to add to my previous post. 

Redd, Cherry, Brick, Beet

I have written the descriptions MAC uses below and I have suggested complimentary lipsticks in brackets: 

Redd      Clearly red                    (Russian Red)
Brick       Intense golden red       (Diva)
Cherry    Vivid bright bluish-red   (Ruby Woo) 
Beet        Vivid reddish pink         (Rebel)

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  1. You've made a really valid point about representation and inspired me to get sorting my blog out. Just found your blog and loving it😆 so looking forward to catching up and reading all your posts!


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