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Sunday, 26 April 2015

The internet made me do it! - Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

The Real Techniques Core collection had been on my radar since its creator, Samantha and Nicola Chapman of YouTube's Pixiwoo,  launched their brushes. I cannot justify spending £45 on one make up brush so always seek to gain optimum value when purchasing an item, far too many other priorities (Housing, Council Tax, life..) these brushes drew my attention as they had a decent price point, were created by professionals who seemly had taken their years of 'on the job experience' and put it to use.

What made me eventually go out and purchase these brushes? It was the swathes of online reviews and comments recommending the set and begging for more items.

Whilst today's post isn't really a review of the brushes - there are enough out there in the blogsphere - I wanted to take time out to acknowledge how much I value the post of others online, be it bloggers, YouTubers or someone commenting on a post etc.. when it comes to recommendations for products / goods. 
Ultimately I wanted to take a post to say a big thank you to the Internet. I am far too discerning with my money to throw it away and so value the honesty and time that many have taken to upload their pictures, thoughts and opinions on the huge range of products doing the rounds. 

This week I listened (eavesdropped) on a conversation between two women on the bus as one described how she tried out a product that a had been touted as a 'must have product'  but had found it to be crap on her. Her friend admonished her apparent stupidity at purchasing this item without looking online to see what others of a similar skin tone thought and if there was a cheaper alternative. It was at this point that I acknowledged that I no longer had to rush to find out what is in fashion / on trend as I have access to all this information, and better -real consumers opinions,  at the click of a button and a decent Wi-Fi connection.

So a big thank you to all of you who comment on articles or posts; create blog entries or videos; Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat or just spread the word over your new found product of choice over the phone. I value your opinions and the time you have taken to do so. 

What products have you purchased as the result of internet recommendations?

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  1. What a great message! I totally agree - without bloggers/vloggers I may have never been interested in makeup and it was because of a honest review that matched my same thoughts on a product that got me into searching for reviews and then making my own. I'm glad the brushes worked out well for you :)

    I practically research everything (though that doesn't stop me from getting burnt sometimes). So it’s more a case of what I haven't bought from internet reviews ... Anyway, the most recent thing has been liquid lipsticks :)


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