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Sunday, 16 September 2012

London Fashion Week 13th September - 18th September 2012


The fashion pact has multiplied in number over the last few days for London Fashion Week (LFW) and the streets are buzzing with the sounds of SLRs clicking. As a plus size shopper I often enjoy watching trends emerge on the Catwalk and have the usual conversation with friends over which trend is truly wearable. I also have the added burden of trying to secure fashionable pieces that are flattering to my particular aesthetic and fit within my price range. I often turn to the internet for help, sourcing inspiration from the many blogs and increasing YouTube vloggers who are kind enough to share their looks with the world.  So I have decided to dedicate the next couple of entries to fashion, posting recent outfits and items I cam currently crushing on; hopefully I can return the favour and provide some useful ideas to others who don’t fit comfortably into the every designer’s clothes.

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  1. nice one your infor little but i love it thanks for this friend


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