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Sunday, 19 August 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse

Nude Ingenue, Dating Coral, Tempting Lilac

L’Oreal’s  Rouse Caresse line is like a cross between a light-weight, sheer lipstick with lashings of moisture. It took well over a month for me to convince myself to purchase these lipsticks. I need to make a confession: I am not a fan of L’Oreal at all. Their skincare products break me out and, after a bad reaction to two of their mascaras; I have steadfastly not bought any of their products for over eight years. With this said, I need to make clear that I do not dislike the brand but merely accepted what my sensitive skin was telling me each time it reacted to a product from their line. So the fact that I am writing a review on their Rouge Caresse line of lipsticks should be taken as a strong indicator of how much this line surprised me.

Superdrug has recently started it’s 3 for 2 on a number of makeup brands and during a recent visit I decided that this promotion was a sign – picking up Nude Ingenue, Dating Coral, Tempting Lilac . 

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse, lipstick Nude Ingenue: It was this nude brown colour that stared my obsession with this line. Unfortunately the gorgeous colour when swatched didn’t translate well onto my lips but fear not, I shall be using it to tone down a few of the louder colours I have in my possession. 

Dating Coral: is the surprising hero of my L’Oreal haul. I love the colour that translated onto my lips and feel that I might be able to get away with wearing this on a non makeup day with some mascara. 

Tempting Lilac: Was surprisingly faint in colour and needed to be built up to show on my lips. Again I will be using this colour to mix with my existing lipsticks. 


Now you might think that one hit out of three would turn me off of the line but this is not the case. I am already planning to pick up the brighter colours in this line as I suspect that these colours will translate brilliantly onto my lips. On the whole I found them to last longer than the Revlon Lip Butters, the lighter colours didn’t appear to have that nasty frost that a few of the lip butters provided and  I am happy to report that I haven’t had any reaction to the products at all.  I am glad that I decided to purchase from this line, each colour is buildable and as I have already mentioned, I will be able to use Nude Ingenue and Tempting Lilac to tone down some of my brighter lipsticks that a gloss simply wouldn’t be suitable on.  For those of us in the UK the packaging is a sexy clear, sleek perspex, complementing the smooth texture each Caresse produces. 

Have you come across this line, what shades do you like?     

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