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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sun-Proof Skin: Products I'm Loving

My 'Sun-Proof' heroes

London has been blessed with some lovely sunshine recently and I thought I'd share with you how I 'Sun- Proof' my skin. 

I should begin by stating that I have eczema and years of sufferation visits to the Dermatologist have taught me to always wear protection no matter the weather (skin cancer is a real threat to Black people!).

Skin Care: Moisturisers:

Olay's Essentials Complete Care has been my default face moisturiser for a good number of years as I find it provides a good balance all year round. During the changes in seasons I find that my face often becomes dry and add Elizabeth Arden's Perpetual Moisture Crème (Crème Hydratante Continue) underneath as this rich crème provides the necessary moisture my face so desperately craves. Warning: this product is extremely moisturising, to avoid overloading my skin I usually put it on in the mornings to afford me a defence against my office's air-conditioning.
Seriously, I love this product and am dreading having to search for a replacement as they appear to have discontinued it :(.
I began using IMAN Cosmetics Time Control when I ran out of  my Olay and needed a moisturiser with SPF (15) in it. I was pleasantly surprised with this cream as I found that it helped to keep my oily T-Zone under control, longer. On the days where I wear full makeup I now make a point of using this, paying particular attention to my T-Zone. 
Both Oilatum creams provided to be a life saver for me in the middle of February, I was experiencing the first bout of hay fever and had rubbed the skin around my eyes to irritation; the cream helped sooth my skin and the Natural Repair has been used by me on my eyelids to help combat some of the damage.

The Witch facial wash is in this post as I found that using it in the mornings, coupled with either the IMAN Time Control or Olay Essential made a significant impact on the amount of oil I produced. I make a point of including it in my morning regime when I wear make up. 

The standing ovation for my 'Sun-Proof' face has got to be given to IMAN Cosmetics pressed powder in Earth Dark.
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! This powder rocks!!!!!!  
In addition to stepping up the flawlessness of my face a good five notches, this bad boy helps take away the extra oil my T-Zone produces throughout the day and even sets my under eye concealer in place. As the weather heats up I try hard to keep it simple and spot treat my face with concealer, lightly dusting this powder over my face if I'm going to add blusher.  

What products do you use during warm weather and how do you 'Sun-Proof' your face?

*Post contains press sample(s)

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  1. i was just looking for a face moisturiser with spf, thnx for sharing! I am 22 and i'm concerned about premature ageing :(


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