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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Black Hair Debate -it rages on

Whilst checking out Natural Belle's blog I came across a video she had embedded from YT that I wanted to share with you. A group of university students had taken the time to film a discussion on 'Afro Hair'.

 I feel that increasingly, as the battle lines are drawn between Natural /Perm /Weave - we, as Black women, are being drawn into an unhealthy and self defeating debate over something that is in danger of distracting us from 'real' pertinent issues in society. I would rather us talk about the removal of established access routes into higher education by the imposition of tuition fees; removal of racism off of the political agenda and promoting positive images of all ethnicities within the City to positions of 'power & influence' than shoot the breeze of such trivialities of the state of someone’s hair....but I know that not everyone thinks I like me.

Check out the clip below

Debate on Afro Hair, hosted by Dwayne Wright, vice president of ACS MANCHESTER (African Caribbean Society). Filmed on the 12th December 2011 at Manchester Metropolitain University. (23:10)

My final thought is this...
We all come in differing shapes, sizes, hues and temperaments – surely our hair will not all be the same. 

Lets respect each other and stop making assumptions.


  1. Omds! Wow The Manchester Met Uni ACS is absolutely amazing! Such a great debate!
    Lovely blog!
    I would love if you checked out my blog & followed if you likey
    Tolu from Fashinate Me

  2. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for following my blog, I am trully honoured!!!

  3. I saw this vid a few months ago. There are some interesting arguments but I sorta agree with u too. The whole natural/relaxed hair debate can slightly get out of hand at times.

    Btw I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award! Check it out when you have the time :) x


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