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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wilko's Premium Make Up Brushes - great buy

Wilko's, Makeup Brushes, Wilko Premium Powder Brush

Wilkos Premium make up brushes have become a firm favourite of mine since last year. A surprise find on the high street due to the truly affordable price point (avg £4) and reasonable availability, I am surprised that more fuss has been made of these 100% synthetic brushes. 

Wilko Premium Make Up Brushes, Wilko Premium Powder Brush
Wilko Premium Powder Brush
I was initially drawn in by the powder brush on their display whilst in store; it called out to be to be touched it was soooo dense. I kid you not I was stood there for a good while stroking the brush to see if any of the bristles came off in my hand, I couldn’t believe how soft and thick it was. I quickly came back to repurchase as many as I could find once I got home and tried out the powder brush , using it to apply my bronzer. Gorgeous. The dense bristles distributed the bronzer almost better than if the sun had kissed my applied foundation itself!  I found the only draw back was the stippling brush which was a bit confusing as it was both too soft and scratchy when applying makeup. Undeterred, I have found a use for it – to apply my elf HD blushers which are very pigmented and need to be distributed quickly and evenly on my face. 

I deliberately wanted to wait to see if these brushes would deteriorate after use, but after a year of use I haven't seen so much as a single bristle escape. 


Wilko Premium Powder Brush,
Top to bottom: Powder, Stippler, Blusher, Smokey Eye Duo

Have you come accross any surpise beauty finds that arent't being hyped?

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  1. Totally worth it! I have the powder brush myself and its brilliant I've never used it to apply bronzer but I will now.

    Yep I've come across quite a few products that are not given much air time when considering the quality, price etc. and some crummy products that have been - I guess it's just one of those things and of course different strokes for different folks.


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