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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Baby On Board

So, you may have noticed there has been a severe lack of posts on my blog  over the last year.....

As the title suggests I was in fact pregnant and have now given birth, whoo hooo!

Whilst hubby and I were extremely happy to be expecting,this pregnancy was not without hiccups along the way: I was unfortunately severely anaemic during the majority of the pregnancy and found it hard to breathe, let along find the energy to blog. The hospital told us we were having a girl and out popped my son! That said, baby is healthy and happy so expect to see additional items on my pregnancy / motherhood on this blog, as I found reading about real life experiences to be helpful to me during this humongous period of change.

Weirdly it's like my body knew it would be going through a change, in January I made the decision to revert my hair to it's natural state from perm and so expect a few posts on my experiences (good & very bad). The regrowth has been a revelation; I feel as if I'm having to relearn how to manage with my Afro hair after fifteen plus years of having a perm! It's been hard for me style the two, very different textures without loads of hair breaking off or the teeth of my comb breaking.

Hopefully, as my son grows, I will be able to catch a few minutes to write and I plan to post on the rare days that I have off from full on mummy duties.


  1. Congratulations! I hope you're enjoying motherhood - it must be exciting ! :D

    On going natural - yeah its different from when relaxed but there's so much information out there I'm sure you'll find out the best methods for you :)


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