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Monday, 18 March 2013

Lip MawAhh: You're So Cute Chocolate

Winter can be a trying time for me; my skin becomes parched and lips chapped, so I'm always on the look out for decent products to counteract this. Around a month ago a work colleague handed me a  tube of Lip MawAhh's You're So Cute Chocolate to try and I have been loving it! 

I've had problems with chap sticks in the past - irritation, over drying my lips, offensive smells and white gunk forming a line around my lips- to name just a few. Upon opening You're So Cute Chocolate I was surprised by the natural chocolate smell and was delighted to discover that the product is completely natural, with a whole bunch of oils/butters to provide goodness to my lips. As the month progressed I noticed that the texture of the tube changed to a slightly gritty texture that felt akin to giving my lips a nice massage. 

Overall, I'm impressed- the tube hasn't left my bag!

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