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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dior's Hypnotic Poison Perfume

Never underestimate the power of a good perfume.

I love a Strong, sweet scent. For years I have searched for perfume that didn't trigger a migraine and most importantly, smelt good enough for me to want to wear it alone, with just a smile for a special someone ;).

Dior perfumes have been a staple in my life; I have many memories of watching my mum get ready for a special occasion and recall the scent of Midnight Poison being sprayed. As a little child I would risk a beating to spray some on and whilst working abroad, I would always counter my homesickness by seeking out a bottle if I couldn't speak to my mum. It was during my first trip to Stratford Westfield that I popped into a perfume shop and decided to reminisce, eventually spraying the two red Poison's on each wrist. Initially I opted for Poison, but I found myself drawn to the wrist where I had sprayed Hypnotic Poison. I could not believe that is was the same perfume I had discounted for smelling like like root beer. It passed the Hubby test - he made clear his appreciation and I promptly went back made a purchase. 

The smell
A good perfume is one that adapts to the natural chemicals of it's host and still retains structure throughout the day. In my opinion Hypnotic Poison has three stages: root beer - flat oriental vanilla / almond - deliciously seductive rich and sweet scent.

Dior's Blurb:
The mystery of Dior’s legendary forbidden fruit lives on in a magical, modern philter that blends femininity with boldness. Four contrasting facets – intoxicating bitter almond and carvi, opulent Sambac jasmine, mysterious Jacarandra and sensuous vanilla and musk– make for a compelling, bewitching  fragrance fusion. Intoxicating and extravagant.
Due to the price I have to rotate other perfumes and may post in the future, scents that I wear when I'm not fussed. I have already repurchaased this bottle and bug anyone I know going abroad to pick me up the larger size in duty free. a few sprays of this baby and I am ready to roll.

What scent do you love?

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  1. I have been looking for the perfect perfume for ages, will def give this a sniff next time I see it! I love scents which are a little bit sweet but not too childish so this sounds great! Lovely review :)

    Gret blog hun, just followed on bloglovin woop!

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